Rebuilding a cheap table saw part #5

It took a whole day to adjust the alignment of the saw blade. It just didn't work with the available adjusters that are on the machine itself. A big part of that problem is the very thin sheet-metal the housing is made off. It bends with every nut you tighten. In the end I made an extra "micro" adjusting system and added it to the "leveling" bar that runs across the saw blade. It did cost me a few extra millimeters in height, but who cares, better a good alignment than getting frustrated every time you use it.

Chiseled out some more space for the adjustment bar, although every thing was fitting nicely after that, it turned out not to be very accurately adjustable.

So I came up with an extra way of guiding the bar. This seems to do the job. However it make the saw blade rise 3 millimeter less, so now we only have lust over 60 mm instead of the original 68 mm 

And see here... a perfect alignment. finally! 

The old saw needed a channel at the back to tighten the fence. 

The new fence is going to be made after an example of Mathias Wandel (end some others on Youtube) so the whole side of the worktable can be removed. 

Starting to look like a real table saw after all... 

Next problems to be solved are the hinges that I want to incorporate to the top. I want it to be able to lift when adjustments need to be done. We also have to come up with a solution for the zero clearence plate...I can only router out 2 millimeter... so what material would be strong enough... I'll sleep on it.