Rebuilding a cheap table saw part #6

After the saw blade was finally in line with the top, we decided to make the base first, before routing out the miter slots and making the fence. As we are on a zero budget is was all about using the materials that are on hand. So, we used 2 off cuts of pine and the base material that came with the saw. We used the extension tops as supports, the steel profiles were combined and screwed together in a "creative" way. The base, which is a part of our existing worktable, turned out well.

The extension tops that came out the box were used as a part of the base. The (black painted) pine off cut pieces are an extra support, mounted right on top of the wheels of our worktable.

The steel profiles that came with the saw were modified and used to make 2 legs and some bracing supports. Next thing is to make a box (under the saw) for the sawdust.

The top is 1 cm higher than the work table. We don't have to put the miter-slots in the worktable itself and our problem of sometimes hitting some parts of the other table saw (that's in the worktable for cross-cuts)

The last problem to solve will be the zero insert plate...