Not just a library project

It is not happening everyday, been given the chance to build something that is not a only a challenge, but also a real nice project. I started on a library project, an item that not only gives me the opportunity to use my skills as a woodworker, but also as a designer.

Part of the materials were already on side, although the idea of changing the original plans (without a backside) made it necessary to recut most of the wood. It is going to be an "all around the room" project.

All profiles are routed at the workshop. Yes there is "readymade" material available in different DIW shops but first of all in Portugal that's sold for ridiculous prizes and secondly, it will never fit custom made sizes. As this all is installed in a historic property, not one wall is straight, nor are floors and ceilings. It makes it more difficult but at the same time requires a feel for style and an eye for "simple details that fit the building.

Two walls are done... time for finishing touches...

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