Eight weeks away from home (part 3)

A week of almost a real holiday!

After the birthday party on the first of July we headed towards family around Almere, spend a day and a night and drove the next day to Haarlem where we unloaded the big BMW motorbike and, yes, loaded up an old moped for transport to Portugal


Although we wanted to meet some friends in Amsterdam and Bergen aan Zee, because of the one week delay, it turned out to be more wisely to drive from Haarlem straight to Den Helder where we would take the ferry to Texel, to visit family members who are living on the island.


At arrival we build a new bed in the van so we had our own place to sleep again. The nice weather, the see, the beach and the numerous moments of coffee or other liquid treatments on terraces, gave us a real feeling of being actually on a holiday. Sadly it could not last that long, and a few days later we would take the ferry, accompanied by a little niece that had a hard time letting go of our four legged Ella, back to the mainland and drive over the “Afsluitdijk” towards the North-East of the Netherlands.


Although The Netherlands are a small country, the distance between the western coast and the eastern border takes half a day when you are driving an old van like we do. It’s an enjoyable landscape though and having a dog traveling with you makes it necessary to stop at least every two hours. Time had come to meet old friends in Ter Apel.

Next time: a few days filled with old habbits...