The old carpenters workshop

Whenever there's family or friends coming over to Portugal we invited them to "O Electrico", a restaurant beyond any imagination. A building and "art"park, made totally out of recycled materials where they serve the finest of local Portuguese food at a fixed price for all you can eat and drink (we Dutch like that) in a surrealistic surroundings full of creativity.

Another reason to take people to "O Electrico" is the museum. Inside you'll find the Portugal of a few centuries ago. They show how people lived, went to school, how they worked. Next to all kinds of trades, including the workshops of a blacksmith and hairdresser who also was the local dentist, there's an old carpenters workshop situated in one of the rooms. Going back a few hundred years, it's a woodworkers paradise when it comes to antique handtools... (it's hard to take pictures from the little door-opening, you should see it in real life!)

 O Electrico is located at Rua da Chã, Relva, Sao Miguel, Vila de Rei, Portugal

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