Rebuilding a cheap table saw part #1

It looks like every good thing comes with a bad thing at Not Just Sawdust. The good thing was that we found very nice mahogany and beech for some Recycled Box Guitars and Cavaquinho's that we make at Triple Chaos. The bad thing was that the table saw, we bought about a year ago, exploded. Yes, the bearings came flying out. As we are on a very low budget, the only option was buying a cheap table saw again. This time we didn't look for the best one in the lowest range but the one that was most easy to take apart. The one we got was completely put together with bolts and nuts, no welding...

The top came bend and warped out of the box. Didn't bother us were not going to use it anyway.

The top is going to be made out of a sandwich of 19mm and 17mm hdf, the same material as the worktable. We are really impressed how it holds up, so it seems a good choice. Our local furniture maker is always prepared to help although he was a bit surprised when we showed up with a cutting list...
We made sure he realized that all had to be at a 90 degree angle and when we came the next day to collect, all was nicely cut to size. We used some spray-paint to mark the holes that we have to drill. 

Hole marks in the right place...

punctured in the middle.. (we hope)

The plastic insert plate that came with the saw is a joke... and we measured the thickness of the old top, 1 millimeter but there were nuts in between the saw mounting and the blade, which makes a total of 7 mm.

The top will be routed out about 9 mm, so the new top will be 1 cm thick at the weakest points, but will be supported by the second plate of 17mm that will be glued on to it, and will be a bit longer than the top one, to make a grove for the fence.

part #2: routing and finishing the top.

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