#08.2 Our entry to the 2014 Creative 2x4 Competition

Oh well, it was difficult to find a 2x4 in Portugal but... in the end we found two 2x2's which we used to make little side / plant / coffee /ashtray tables. It's all about making something out of a 2x4 by 8 ft. (about 10x5x244) for the Summers Woodworking annual Creative 2x4 Competition.

It all started with the idea of making a little high table (to put a flowerpot on) but during the process proportions didn't seem wright. So we did what every designer / builder would do: chop it in half!

The result is two little tables, with the same leg construction but in complete different styles. No other materials were used except for 5 cm of 8mm threaded rod and a nut. (to attach the top from one of the tables). The only other material used is glue (and some paint).

The whole adventure took one day on the road looking for a 2x4, four days of sawing, steaming, bending, planing, sanding, gluing and waiting for that glue to dry. At the 47th cup of coffee we stopped counting.

Special thanks to Bernie and Peter for donating the 2x2's and lending us the steamer. Visit the Summers Woodworking website and Youtube channel to follow the adventures competition of the international woodworking community!

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