A new table saw, the journey into the world of sellers..

As you might know by now, I'm looking to purchase a table saw. No, not the cheap crappy ones I used to buy every 18 months or so but, because of all the help from my fellow woodworkers around the world and especially Paul Wilmore from Wilmore's World of Wood who started a crowdfunding, this time a "real" one. The first thing I did was looking for a secondhand professional table saw. I always look for tools that fit in my 300 year old workshop, and so I found one that really stood out for me. The price was right, the brand something that would suit very well. Located in the Netherlands, but because all the family lives there it wouldn't be a problem to collect it. However, there are so many people who put a few pictures on a selling site, name a number and than... well, nothing! I offered the asking price, send a personal email to explain the situation of me being in Portugal, contact address, etc. Guess what... no response whatsoever.

That buying on-line is a mind scrambling activity became clear after looking for a new machine. First I had to find out that certain machines with Dutch and German like brand names are in fact just all the same Chinese machines sprayed in a different colour and marked with a fancy logo. Although the budget is huge from my point of view, a stationary table saw (of a decent brand) will be just a step to far. However there are enough options left within the budget that did make a name for themselves.

Now, at first I looked at a Makita, a well known brand and I do own a router that is absolutely the best quality tool, next to the Kress drill, I ever owned (bought secondhand her in Portugal). Reviews on the MLT100X are from calling it a disgrace for Makita, others are very happy with the saw (although everybody makes adjustments to the fence, but hey, that's what I would do to)

So this machine is still an option and there are certain sellers who will ship to Portugal for a reasonable price. The total price isn't all that different if you add the shipping costs. Of course there are two versions, for me it would not be that important whether it has a the carriage with wheels or not. I was on the point of ordering one but... The last couple of weeks I worked in a friends workshop (making a staircase out of reclaimed beech) with a Metabo magnum 1256, it's a bit of an older machine but it is impressively accurate and sturdy. On the search for a Metabo my enthusiasm was tempered by the prices for the new version of that Saw, the TS254. 
Yes, prized well over budget, but still.. a tool I now am familiar with, I do like and would fit (size wise) in the workshop. I gave up on that thought until I saw it appear at an other seller. The prize seemed to go down.

Still far over the limit of the budget but it made me decide, despite the anxiety to have a new friend in the workshop, to wait a bit and look further. And than... Yes, an other seller offered the same table saw for a price that is within the budget! I emailed to ask about the shipping costs to Portugal and was happily surprised about the answer. 

So I decided to order my current first choice table saw! But at the "Paypal payment section" suddenly the shipment turned out to be a problem.

I emailed again, asking what the problem is and how to proceed to order this tablesaw, no answer yet. So there you are, the stress of a woodworker isn't initiated by the danger of working with sharp power tools, it's how to get one.... I'll keep you up to date!