About the woodworking community, Gofundme, a tablesaw and lots of surprises!

It wasn't such a good week in the Not Just Sawdust workshop. The beltsander bearings flew out of the plastic cover, the table saw broke down and so...  Nevertheless, the project we started on has to be finished. Part 1: A torsion box / T-Track bed. It's made at a size it will be possible to go under the workbench. One side is a flat assembly table, the other side has 5 t-tracks. It's a base for much more...

Than an amazing thing happened (again) Fellow woodworker Paul Wilmore from Harefield Ward (UK) started a crowdfunding to help me with getting a new table saw. This woodworking community is really great!  This is what he wrote:

"I would like to ask for your help, Gerrit Klaassen produces great content on youtube on his channel not just sawdust and he is doing great projects and loves recycling. He is using some tools which he has recycled one of those is his tablesaw, at the moment he is trying to make things and his table saw has let him down and he is unable to use it. Like most people he is trying to make a living doing recycling and his videos. I am thinking that you may like to help this great man and even the smallest amount can change someones future, I would like to try and set this up to help Gerrit and maybe help to pay this forward so we can see more great things .

I believe in a great community of great people who are makers united in making.
I hope to help Gerrit raise some funds towards a tablesaw."

The Crowdfund is on GoFundMe and here's the link: Help Gerrit replace his table saw!

Some followers of the Not Just Sawdust Youtube Channel suggested that I start an account on Patreon. I'm working on that, but as in many cases it's credit card related, which doesn't make it easy.
To my big surprise some of my woodworking colleges and Youtube subscribers used the paypal donation button on my website and donated towards the new table saw. Again, I can't express clearly enough how grateful I am!