A Tree-Table!

Just before taking the decision to cut down the last 2 meters of a poplar we came up with the idea to make a little meeting point for guests at the campsite of some friends. A table around the tree, maybe in the future to be complemented with some kind of roof. The first step was placing 4 brackets....

Once every bracket was leveled out they were nailed in to the groves that were cut out of the tree and the brackets were screwed together. Than the table top needed to be made. Only cut-offs of former projects were used and some reclaimed wood. All connected together with random layers underneath to just avoid that "formal" look.

Because the tree was cut down for most part, it was easy to slide the table-top over the tree trunk.

After screwing the top on the brackets it got a treated with Nilzone, a stain that protects against all wood loving bugs. It's not clear where creativity will bring us, but something like barstools and some roof are most likely.