Artisan market at the village of Areias..

Sometimes things go like the should go in an ideal world. Today we had a stand at the Artisan market in a village called Areias. This weekend's workshop video was about a little table made out of willow and reclaimed beech and guess what, it sold today at the market with the order to make another one.

Now how odd is it to sell a Recycled Box Guitar at the same event, in Portugal, to a collector. The Teres Angulus changed hands, and I must say it is a good feeling to know this instrument is now in the collection of somebody who appreciates the details and the fact that it is a one-off guitar.

Yes, it was a cold day in central Portugal. The clouds decided to open up regularly and the wind blew from the north. Luckily we had a stand inside. When demonstrating the RBG's the little "Pig Nose" battery powered amp sounded like a big system in the concrete hall!

Sometimes Portugues artisan markets are more about socialising and talking about each other's work, but this time lots of people were really interested and so we had nice conversations about woodworking, recycling and crafts in general.

Today made me enthusiastic to go into the workshop and be creative!

And here is the video on the making of the willow table:

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