Making a Garden bench (part 1)

It's been laying outside for almost one and a half year now, this Eucalyptus tree, cut in to four slabs. The two outer ones will at some point be used for some stools or little tables, one is so "turned" that I will have to cut it up in short pieces, but...

this one seems pretty straight. It is very wobbly, because it was just cut with a chainsaw while the last part of the tree was still standing. Using a hand or electric plane to get it flat is no option in this stage, so.. the first action is to flatten one of the sides with a router.

The slab was about 12 cm thick, now the first side is flat (more or less) there's about 9 cm left.
Time to take a nr.5 and start using some muscles. The dark space on the right is what's left under the height of the router jig, it's also the part that has to be rounded, to make it more comfortable to sit on.

It took some time, but the treatment with a hand plane seems to do the job. The split at the end will stay, it will be a creative feature on the seat of this garden bench to be...