Give-Away Update, Crowd-Funding and a Crazy Tool Idea.

First of all an update on the "Wax Sausage" Give-Away. On the first of May we will draw the winners! Next to that the introduction to a crazy tool idea. And than there's this: We started a Crowd-Funding thingy...

This video is made with Openshot in Linux, on an old laptop that's crashing multiple times a day. I never thought I would do this, but as it seems one of the options, I wanted to give it a try. We don't have the funds to buy a new PC which can handle the video and audio programs we normally use, maybe this way we can raise the funds.

All is explained further on: https://www.gofundme.com/sawdust
It seems that it can be a bit of a problem to use this website outside the USA, but there's a "Paypal Donation" Button on our website, (all donations from there will also be reported in the GoFundMe webpage). http://notjustsawdust.weebly.com/support-or-shop.html

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