Not all is bad..

Not all is bad but.. well still here's an update on all the misfortune that came across the Not Just Sawdust workshop in the last weeks. While we were editing the second video on the sliding door, made out of reclaimed and leftover pieces of wood, a warning sign appeared on our screen. Something to do with to much power on the usb port. In a few seconds everything stopped working. After some experimenting with other "ports" it turned out that the problem is caused by the little part that "feeds" the usb ports, and is of course a part of the "motherboard". It took a while to make a decision but, the 2 computers I own are now at the local whizkid, and good friend, Toby, who will try to make one "working" PC out of the two. There's no guaranty it will work, so there's no idea on when our next video will be uploaded to our channel.

The sliding door however is in it's place and it looks damn good if I may say so.

As I said, not all is bad. Yes, the little car fell thru at the yearly inspection, the money for repairing the PC will go to solve that problem. Yes, it got cold over the last few weeks, so the pile of firewood is already shrinking and won't last until next spring. Yes, because I quit smoking I feel bad. Yes, our street got new tarmac, but that means the mayor wants money, after all we're living in Portugal. But even though these imperfections occur in the smooth road daily life should be, there's good things going to happen. A local builder invited me to come to his yard and take all wood that he's not going to use. There are doors, frames, windows etc. I feel some recycling projects coming up!

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