The World of Woodworking #3

In The World of Woodworking we will share these beautiful images from artists all over the world. A new month... so 3 new portrait's of special woodworkers from the pre- sticker sharing,pink painting, woodtalk hangouts and CNC era....

Brian Beasley is a retired high school woodwork teacher from Junee. In this video he sings and makes a table/stool, though not at the same time. Brian believes that using older woodwork techniques, relying on physical strength and re-purposed wood is more emotionally satisfying that using machinery to produce furniture.

This short film is a portrait of a 92 year old carpenter. Mr. Kapek, that's his name, also built all his tools himself. Besides, he is a lovely person and a smile rarely comes off his face.

Woodwork and two Exercises...... a bit out of the box... but still woodworking!

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