The making of a Portuguese "CBG" called Amália

Well, technically it's not a cigar-box guitar because the (new) box was made for 3 small sample bottles of booze, Port to be precise. The name Amália has everything to do with a Portuguese Fado-guitar being the inspiration for this build.

More detailed pictures on Triple Chaos

The neck of the CBG is made out of an ax-handle,the fret-board and the head-stock out of a piece of some reclaimed Brazilian hardwood that used to lay on the floor at a Portuguese mansion. The frets are just steel nails and the tuning pegs are 4 mm threaded rod with little aluminium blocks that came of a front-door security rack. The nut and bridge just a few old bolts.

The hand-rest came from a drawer of an 1930's Art-Deco cabinet and the sound-hole covers are 80 ct's kitchen-sink strainers. The string cover on the back came from a suitcase handle. The only real guitar part are the strings, which are re-used once that weren't broken on one of the Bluesbarn Studio guitar's. The picture of Amália was contact printed on the wood, other detail are glued on and the whole body was stained with "Nilzone" and covered with a few coats of "Glitsa" varnish. 

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